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If it was over today: Sounders vs. Galaxy

The MLS has opened a new page on its website to serve readers as the league race heads down the home stretch. Here it is, featuring the standings in a single table.

You can see that if the season ended today -- which is most certainly doesn't -- it would be Sounders vs. Galaxy in the playoff round one, with Seattle hosting the first of two aggregate-score games, probably on Oct. 29.

Building on all this -- and on the blog post below -- here's more playoff information from MLS:

If the season were to end today, five teams out of the Western Conference would qualify for the playoffs,. But the season does not end today, and the current rankings cannot account for the uneven amount of games played. Each club has between three and seven games left to secure one of eight spots before the MLS Cup Playoffs begin Oct. 29.

Eight teams qualify for the playoffs. Playoff berths will be determined by points in the standings upon the completion of the regular season. All 15 teams will have played 30 games. The top two teams in each conference qualify and are seeded 1 & 2 in their respective four-team playoff conference brackets. The four MLS teams with the next most points, regardless of conference, receive “wildcard” berths:

o The four wildcard teams will be seeded according to conference first. o If more than four teams qualify from one conference, the team(s) finishing lower than fourth in its conference will shift over to the other conference bracket. o A team switching conference brackets will be seeded below all other teams in its new conference playoff bracket.