Sounders Insider

Sounders: One more practice, then fly away

The Sounders finished with a longer-than-normal training session this morning at Starfire.

They'll be back at it tomorrow, and then they'll fly out to Boston on Thursday morning, completing the rest of their pre-Revs training out there.

Coach Sigi Schmid explained the thinking:

“Every trip varies a little bit. Whenever we go into a three hour time change, we always go two days before because you lose three hours and so forth. Sometimes you like to train here and then go. In the case of New England, we are going to try and go and train there. In the case of Columbus, we are definitely going to go and then train there. It’s a mish-mosh in terms of how the whole thing works. I do believe in getting the team up early when we travel on a Thursday to go to the East Coast. That way, when it gets to be ten o’clock in the East Coast, even though it is seven o’clock their body time, they have already had a long day so chances of them being tired and falling asleep increase a little bit. . . . They say it takes one day for each hour. You generally don’t have that. The other thing is, when possible, you always try to show up to whatever city you’re in in the daylight because it just seems to help your adjustment. If you show up in the daylight, walk around, get outside right when you get there, it seems to help you settle in better.”