Sounders Insider

Points (yes, plural) beat homecoming this week

The Sounders are off the Starfire pitch after their typically long Tuesday practices.

And when Sigi Schmid met the media, the first question asked tweaked the expected "How do you feel about returning to Columbus?" into "How do you think you'll be received when you return to Columbus?"

“I imagine during the game that all the fans will support Columbus," Schmid said. "They want Columbus to win, and Seattle is the enemy. I would hope that before the game that they won’t destroy me and that there’s at least some good feelings that still exist. The connection established between that team and their fan section last year was something that was important to Columbus’ success in 2008. I certainly respect the support they gave the team that year. I think they respect the work that I did as well. It’ll be fun. It’ll be good to see some old friends.”

I'm sure you'll read more about this angle as the week goes along -- and I can guarantee I'll write more. But the Sounders loss to New England last week and their current precarious playoff position (currently seventh and could fall to eighth tomorrow) makes the subplots less important this week and makes the main plotline pretty straightforward: The Sounders need points.

And Schmid said they're try to get them in their usual style: pushing forward for a win, rather than falling back into a defensive shell and hoping for a draw.

“We are disappointed with what happened last week in New England," Schmid said. "We thought we got ourselves off to a good start and if the referee doesn’t call that PK, then I think we are in a pretty good position. That sort of had a big emotional impact on the game. Now we have to get points. The playoff race is very tight and we need to get points. So we need to go in there and come out of there with three if we can get them and one if we can’t get three. We want to make sure we get something.”