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Toronto gets grass pitch, more seats next?

mlstorThe expected has now become the official, and Toronto FC soon with have a natural-grass pitch at BMO Field.

Here's a report from the Toronto Sun.

And with that taken care of, look for MLS' other great expansion attendance success story to set its sites on getting more seats at their home stadium.

Here's what Toronto senior director of business operations Paul Beirne told me when we were talking about BMO in advance of TFC's visit to Seattle last month: "I’m confident in saying that we will expand in the future. If there’s one thing we would do differently from our first year, we play on FieldTurf, but we have found that to be very challenging. We claim to be authentic, but yet we are playing on an artificial turf. And no amount of research is going to convince a fan or a player that FieldTurf is as good as or better or pretty close to grass. At the end of the day grass is grass and that’s what they want. That’s our top priority: Finding a way to change the surface in our building."

Now that that's accomplished, increased seating capacity moves up on the list.