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Sounders travel guide to Columbus, Ohio

mlscolumbusHere's my story from today's paper on Crew Stadium, MLS' original soccer-specific stadium and apparently one of the sights to see in Columbus. One of the sights I'll see, at least.

However, I did take some of your advice and asked the Sounders who have lived in Columbus what are some of the places in town to visit and to eat.

Here are some of their answers:

COACH SIGI SCHMID: A Columbus sight to see? The football hall of fame in Canton? Columbus is a great city. I loved where I lived, I lived down in New Albany. It was certainly a nice area. And for sure the Easton Mall is as nice a mall as there is. My wife’s favorite restaurant is a place called Brio in the Easton Mall. The one that got recommended to me ... was a place called Handke’s, which is in downtown Columbus in the brewery district. It’s sort of like down in an old brewery cellar. Supposedly the guy makes the best crème brulee in the world. It’s a German chef, though, so I have to recommend that."

EZRA HENDRICKSON, Sounders assistant and former Crew player: "Wow. I think if you go to downtown Columbus you’ll see a lot of restaurants. I think as far as just naming one, I don’t really know the price range people are looking for. But they have from low-end to high-end places. But there’s a place right outside of Columbus, it’s a mall called Easton. There’s a lot of shopping and a lot of restaurants there and movie theaters and stuff."

BRAD EVANS, who played two seasons with the Crew before coming to Seattle in the expansion draft: "It’s definitely not a tourist town. If you get a chance to check out (Ohio) Stadium at Ohio State (University), that’s pretty impressive. That campus is pretty impressive itself too.I think they have like a motocross hall of fame that I remember going to one time for whatever reason. And Graeter’s ice cream – their headquarters is there. I think you can go and get free samples.

"Hyde Park (restaurant) is phenomenal. Hyde Park, Brio, I’m going to Restaurant Hama a sushi place on Thursday night. That was my go-to place. If you like sushi, it’s the best. I mean it’s the best sushi I’ve had here, in California, anywhere. It’s phenomenal. You wouldn’t think in Ohio. It’s expensive, but you pay for what you get."

(Meanwhile, I'm heading to Columbus today, as some of you know ... because of your vote on this blog. So, this might be a light blogging day. However, once in Ohio, I might be able to try some of this. It clearly sounds like I need to get to the mall. The sushi place? Probably not. I guess the restaurant I'd most like to try is the one Sigi recommends in the brewery district -- world's best creme brulee, after all. However, I checked their hours, and it looks like I get in too late tonight, and the place opens too close to gametime tomorrow. Oh, well. I will try to get to OSU. And there's always those free ice cream samples.)