Sounders Insider

Bye week -- and odd blogging week -- begins

The Sounders were off today and they'll be off again Monday. Then they'll return to practice Tuesday through Friday, and then they'll take the weekend off before beginning preparations for that final road game at Kansas City on Oct. 17.

So, with that relatively light schedule over the coming week, I've also decided to take this as my furlough week. As you may have heard, each of the two major newspapers in the Puget Sound region have mandated unpaid weeks off for employees as a cost-saving measure. But unlike my vacations -- which I usually work through to some degree -- I'm not allowed to write or blog or even check my email or phone messages during my furlough week.

So, it will be kind of an odd week on the blog, too. But not a fully off week. My new blogging software allows me to write some blog posts in advance and the set the publication dates for whenever I want. So I tried to work ahead a little bit over the past week, and I've tried to set things up so that there will be fresh blog posts each day. Some are just open posts that will let you discuss any topic you want to raise. Others are on specific topics I thought you might enjoy discussing. And I've also asked the Sounders to alert my editors if there's any news -- injuries, etc. -- from practices, and in turn I've asked my editors to post any such new on the blog.

The bottom line will unavoidably be fewer and less timely posts than usual, but I think still worth checking in for each day.

So, have a good week. Play nice, as usual. And I'll be back live and refreshed on Oct. 12... same day the Sounders start training for the Wizards.