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Columbus paper notes "plodding" Sigi-ball

While back in Columbus, I picked up a copy of the Dispatch and noticed that part of their preview story for the Crew-Revolution game made mention of some differences between the Crew's style last year under Sigi Schmid and this year under Robert Warzycha. And it unearthed the old rap about Schmid's teams playing unattractive soccer:

The Crew practices crossing and shooting almost daily. It is indicative of the most-noticeable difference between the Crew under Warzycha and former coach Sigi Schmid.

"Sigi had the classic German style: Get the ball to center and to your strong target man, hold it there and make runs off of him," longtime Crew television voice Dwight Burgess said.

"Robert has taken the chains off. Rogers and Gaven have come into their own, and the Crew has become less of a conservative team to more of an aggressive team."

"Sigi-ball," as some fans dubbed Schmid's sometimes-plodding method, is long gone.

"Bobby makes little things different than Sigi," Schelotto said. "We get the same results."

(What the story does not mention is that that "sometimes-plodding" Sigi-ball went 1-0-1 this season against that "more aggressive" Warzycha-ball.)

Here's the whole story.