Sounders Insider

Winning record assured, Sigi record on deck

(Here's my story from the Wednesday paper.)

The team record is the Sounders' clinching a winning record -- and becoming the first MLS expansion team to do so since Chicago in 1998.

And the individual record -- which would come with the Sounders next victory -- would be Sigi Schmid moving even with Bob Bradley for the coaching win record (124).

Here's Schmid on the team record: “I think people forget how tough it is to be an expansion team. From Day One, because we started off well, I don’t think we’ve ever really been viewed as an expansion team. What Chicago did in ’98 was tremendous, and nothing to be taken away from that. But it also was at a stage where the league was only 2 years old, and so you’re not catching up a lot. ... I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far as an expansion team – winning the Open Cup, establishing a winning record, being in the playoff hunt. Because all the expansion teams since Chicago, with the exception of Miami, nobody has even been in the playoff hunt at this late stage. Our goal is obviously to make the playoffs.”

And Schmid on the coaching record: “It just means I’ve been around for a while, and I’m older and things like that. I’ve always said the one that I like, the one that’s important to me, is the playoff wins (19). I know I lead in that, and that’s something I’d like to continue to expand upon and grow upon. Sometimes you can have a great regular season and everything gets forgotten if you don’t do well in the playoffs. So the object is we want to do well in the playoffs. It will be a nice accomplishment, and I’ll be proud of it for sure; but it just means I’ve been here for a while.”