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Speculating on how the West will be won

Here's how the race in the Western Conference shakes down as the MLS regular season heads into its final week.

Chivas USA/45 pointsWednesday at Chicago, Sunday vs. Houston

Los Angeles/45 pointsSaturday vs. San Jose

Houston/45 pointsSunday at Chivas

Seattle/44 pointsSaturday vs. Dallas

I guess I'd have to make Chivas the favorite, since they play two games and get Houston at home. Although neither will be easy, and even a pair of draws leaves then vulnerable to LA.

Then, I suppose Los Angeles, which should almost be able to expect three points against the eliminated Earthquakes at Home Depot.

Next? I'd think Seattle. Playing at home to hyper-hot Dallas isn't going to be easy, but it probably beats Houston having to go to Chivas.

Or at least that's my take. How about you? (jimkingjr already has a nice start among the comments of the post below.)