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Kasey on those two K.C. goals

So, I asked keeper Kasey Keller what was went on:

"The first one, he (Zoltan Hercegfalv) was offside and when the shot came I think we kind of stopped because everyone was thinking, 'You know what: He’s in an offside position and if it goes through to him then it will be blown dead.' So that was kind of an unfortunate thing.

"The second one was you shoot a ball across the goal and you miss a clearance, you miss your making and you have an experienced striker like Josh Wolff who doesn’t quit on anything and he gets on the end of it. It was our typical performance that we’ve had as a team, but Kansas City also we know likes to take chances in the back to give themselves opportunites to score a goal."

Keller also acknowledged that the small pitch may have made a difference because the ball can get into dangerous position in the blink of an eye.