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On the Onstad incident... and that tarp

Note to Sounders management: You might want to rethink that Pat Onstad tarp in the west upper deck.

I know those things are expensive and they normally wouldn't need to be replaced after a single season. But that is the goalkeeper of a Western Conference rival who was booed every time he touched the ball in what might have been the final home game of 2009. He really shouldn't be there in 2010.

I say that despite Onstad seeming to be the nicest guy in the world -- and a British Columbian at that, eh? -- every time I speak to him.

And that was the case again last night in the Dynamo locker room:

On knocking Montero down: I think I was frustrated I didn’t get the call when I though Montero picked me. I just bumped his shoulder. If I had done that to Nate Jaqua he probably just would have (brushed it off. ) But Montero, we know he likes to embellish things and down he went. I deserved the yellow for unnecessary contact, but I didn’t raise my hand to his face or anything like that. I was glad the referee actually looked at it and he felt Montero was trying to embellish it.

Did Montero initiate any contact?: He was just trying to do his job, trying to make it difficult for me to get to the ball. I thought it was a foul, and the referee didn't. He said 'Play on.' I was probably more frustrated with the referee than I was at Montero.

Did you fear a red card?: I didn't think so. It would have been one of the most ridiculous red cards. We've been told if you put you hands to a guy's face, fair enough. I guess anything could happen. By doing that I put myself at the referee's mercy. But I think he made the right call.

On the series going to Houston even: I think we came in knowing it's really about who can take their opportunities. I think we both probably missed a few opportunities tonight to score goals. If someone said you have 90 minutes to take them at home, we’d probably take that, rather than 180. But at the same token, by no means is it over. We’re just halfway through the 180-minute match.

And about that tarp: That's kind of flattering. I'm going to have to talk to Xbox, see if I can get an Xbox for my family.

See? Nice guy. But I thought he deserved a red.