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Other MLS series begin; other soccer issues

mlsballThe Sounders are off this weekend and awaiting a long countdown to Nov. 8 (which was the general point of my story today).

So that gives us a little while to discuss some other soccer issues.

The obvious one is the start of the other MLS playoff series this weekend. Here's a look at the only game scheduled for today: Columbus at RSL.

Another is the wobbly future of the USL, which is nicely detailed by Kip Kesgard in this Oregonian soccer blog post.

This is a doubly-interesting matter because Portland and Vancouver, of course, are scheduled to join MLS in 2011, so it'll be interesting to see if they just hold their noses and stick it out for another year in USL, join a new league for a single season, or just go dark for a season ... which I believe the Sounders at least considered before making the (now wise) decision to remain in USL and get some of their eventual MLS players some playing time there.

Meanwhile, I bumped into Tacoma Tide owner Mike Jennings at Sounders training yesterday, and he said he doesn't expect the USL troubles to drift down and affect his USL-PDL team/league in any meaningful way.