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LA-Chivas at 2 on ESPN2; rooting interest?

mlschivasmlslaColumbus-Real was interesting enough, but the real "other" MLS series goes today: Los Angeles and Chivas USA. Fortunately, this one will not only be on basic cable -- ESPN2 -- but it will be on after the Seahawks game -- 2 p.m.

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Any rooting interest here ... on the chance that the Sounders advance and will then meet this series survivor in the next round?

Certainly the Sounders have gotten better results against the Galaxy (1-0-1) than against Chivas (0-2-1 without scoring a goal). But the Sounders would have to travel to LA to play the Galaxy, while Chivas would come here.

"For us the only advantage is if Chivas wins, then if we beat Houston then we'd ... be at home," coach Sigi Schmid said. "That's the only reason. But in terms of do we prefer to play one team or the other, there's no preference. It's just if we get the home game, we'd want that. But first we have to take care of business in Houston."