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Marshall: With no setback, he should go

The main news from training with the most optimistic take yet on the availability of defender Tyrone Marshall.

“He worked yesterday," coach Sigi Schmid said. "He trained and then he did everything with Dave Tenney, our fitness coach. We wanted to see how he came back this morning. He had no problems and said that it felt better than it did yesterday. Today he went through the full training and he feels fine. [. . .] He did more today again so we will see how it feels tomorrow. But if there are no setbacks he should be able to go. He’s a very honest player. He was very honest with us. Early in the season, we had Ozzie (Osvaldo Alonso) get hurt in the warm-ups and he said he could try it and he had to come out of the game two minutes in. With Tyrone it was the same sort of thing but Tyrone was very honest and said, ‘Look, I can’t go.’ So he will be very honest with us and if he says he can go he will go and if he can’t he will tell us.”

(Tenney, btw, is featured in my story this morning about Sounders' training methods.)

Once again, the Sounders also practiced penalty kicks, which will determine the winner Sunday if things remain even after regulation and 30 minutes of extra time.

“We trained on penalties a little bit, so we’re ready," Schmid said. "I don’t believe in doing them a lot because for me penalties are a mental thing. Some guys take great penalties at practice and then they get out to the field and their knees buckle and everything gets shaky. And there’s other guys who can’t score one in practice but when the game’s on the line they step up and bury it. If it comes to that point, we are going to be able to pick five guys who are going to step up and put five away.”