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Year 1: Laughter, tears & dreams to last the years

Sounders FC provided this photo of fans at SeaTac last nightSure, the end was disappointing: So many shoulda, coulda, wouldas that might have sent the Sounders on to ... well, who knows?

But I can't imagine giving the season anything lower than an A grade. The most on-field success since the Chicago Fire's expansion season of 1998, and on-field success to -- hopefully -- raise the standards and expectations all across the league.

As I fly home today, I'll turn the blog over to you: What do you think? What do you remember?

What I remember most is the joy of Sounders fans. Something magical can really happen in sports when a team and its fans come together. I hadn't seen anything like it since the mid-90s Sonics, the Mariners of (late) 1995 and then 2001, and maybe the Super Bowl Seahawks.

And in a way, I'm not sure anything captures the sheer fun of the season better than this 60 seconds or so from the SoundersFC website.