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Freddie spoke up to soon: Pitch looks fine

Sounders designated player Freddie Ljungberg spoke up a little too soon (see post below), as Houston's Robertson Stadium seems to have been transferred overnight into a proper soccer pitch. Some football lines and University of Houston Cougars logos remain faintly visible -- and not so faintly at the end zones. However, the club clearly did what it could to turn the natural grass American football field into a soccer pitch for today's game with the Sounders.

Meanwhile, I will mention that there is a nice pregame vibe around Robertson Stadium. Behind the stands in the picture, there is a nice little fan festival/fiesta with giveaways, games, and live Tejano music. Lots of fans are decked out in their "Orange Forever" shirts and jerseys.

However, more ominous clouds have rolled in, and the breeze has kicked up. I'd be surprised if weather doesn't end up playing a factor before the day is through.