Sounders Insider

Schmid discusses his three new Sounders

Here's his take on his three new players from SuperDraft day:

"There were probably eight guys (in the draft) that we felt could really step in and help and make a contribution in year one pretty assuredly. No (other teams) made any mistakes early, really, so nobody drifted back. And then we felt there were a number of guys who were sort of similar: guys with potential, guys that if everything went right could hit it. And we felt that David Estrada was a good option for us because of his ability to play in the wide channel and to play up top, and he’s a player who has come through some adversity, which is something I think is good in a player. ... We have good reliable players (down the middle of the pitch), but we needed to add some things on the flanks."

"Definitely, with our second pick, picking (Mike) Seamon, we were looking at a couple of other guys who could do (similar things), but we thought he was a little bit bigger, a little bit stronger. Versatility weighed into it as well, but certainly having a little bit of size there helped us. … And then picking (Jamel) Wallace at the end there, he’s a player who’s probably a little more for the future, but somebody who we felt did very well at our combine and a player who we felt … maybe has the potential to fit in as we get a little bit older in the back."