Sounders Insider

Sigi will ease Sounders back to work Monday

I spoke with Sounders coach Sigi Schmid this week asking what he hopes to accomplish as his players return for their first week of training Monday, with the start of the regular season still two months away.

"The first week is for everybody to just basically get back into the rhythm," he said. "There are a lot of teams that come in and right away they test the first day and they get into double-days in the first few days. I’m not a coach that believes in that. I like my team to come in and we’ve got a week where we can play some soccer and we’re going to get some of our testing done in the middle of the week – on the Wednesday and Thursday – but the main thing is to get everybody back into the rhythm of getting out there and knocking the ball around. Because no matter how much work you’ve done in the off-season it’s different from playing six-against-six and the energy comes in again and the adrenaline. All that makes a difference: So just one-a-day training sessions, give us a week – five, six days – just to get us back into the rhythm of training."