Sounders Insider

Ljungberg no-show expected but unwelcomed

Freddie Ljungberg was a no-show at Sounders training this morning. The general impression I got was that the club wanted him here from the start, but didn't really expect it.

General manager Adrian Hanauer said he does expect Ljungberg to be a Sounders this season, and said the issue will resolve by Jan. 31, when the European transfer window closes.

Coach Sigi Schmid made it clear that it would be better for all of his players to be here from the start.

Veteral goalkeeper Kasey Keller was less diplomatic, saying that players under contract to a club should be with that club. He also added that he would rather play with a less-talented player who wants to be a Sounder than a highly talented player who doesn't.

That's a paraphrase. I'll get the direct quote later.