Sounders Insider

Keller wants teammates who want to be here

"I don’t know the full story. I’m a player, I’m not in management. … I think when you’re under contract you’re supposed to be where you’re supposed to be for the team that holds your contract. And if something gets worked out, it has to be worked out with the club that holds your contract. You don’t as a player get your choice to say what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it."

Do you want him to return?

"I want the players on this team who want to be here. If Freddie wants to be here and wants to be fully committed, then sure. If he doesn’t it’s more of a distraction than a benefit. That’s how I am. I’d much rather have a guy with less talent that wants to be here than a guy with great talent who doesn’t.

"Hopefully we have a good team and we have a good group of guys, and we want to stay a good team and a good group of guys. We all need to make sure that we can count on each other to fight for one another on the field. And if I make a run forward – well, I’m not going to make a run for it – but if somebody makes a run forward they’ve got to know that somebody is going to cover for them and vice versa. And like I said, if people are doubting where their heart is and where they want to be – it’s a management question – but for me personally I would much rather play with a group of people that want to be here."