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Ljungberg surprised at Sounders' confusion

None of which was reflected in what we heard yesterday from the Sounders.

Here's what Adrian Hanauer said when I asked him if Ljungberg's absence was excused or if the club had told him to come in when he's ready.

"I’m not sure it was, ‘OK, come in when you’re ready,’ but we knew he wasn’t going to be here today," Hanauer said. "We’re talking daily. Again the transfer window closes Jan. 31 in Europe, and we expect this issue to be settled in the next few days, and quite frankly we’re extremely hopeful and optimistic that Freddie will be here very soon. But I can’t expound upon that in too much detail."

Meanwhile, here's what coach Sigi Schmid had to say: “Freddie Ljungberg’s status right now is one where right now he is looking at options in Europe…as of yet nothing has really happened. We expect him here. Exactly when the date that he is going to be here I’m not sure.”

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