Sounders Insider

Sounders agree: CBA extension as good sign

Representatives from three different levels of Sounders FC agreed today that the decision to extend the deadline while working on a new collective bargaining agreement is a good thing.

Player/union rep James Riley:"Obviously I think it’s a good thing, that there’s a dialogue, trying to make the dialogue a bit more consistent, and work to a resolution. Again, there’s intelligent people representing both sides and the fact that we extended it a bit is promising."

General manager Adrian Hanauer:"I don’t have any inside knowledge. To me it’s a good thing. That means presumably that conversations are continuing and we get to go to Phoenix to go continue preseason. And we will just continue to play ahead as though it’s business as usual or until we get a phone call to adjust our plans."

Coach Sigi Schmid"Obviously I think we all hope that it’s positive. It means that they’ve got to be close. I don’t think you’d extend it if oyu’re not close. So hopefully that’s a positive vibe for the future. … It’s always nice to know you’re still working. It means we can go ahead with the Arizona trip and the timing of it and hopefully everything will get resolved by the 12th and we can all continue to move forward."