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Garber says 'well north of 40,000' average here

That's the word from this article from

The key paragraph quoting Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber: “Seattle is continuing to surprise us all. They haven’t announced it yet, but they’ve sold out their available season tickets (for 2010). They’re now at 32,000 and expect to go well north of 40,000 for their attendance.”

Timber's owner Merritt Paulson's reaction: “With that in mind, you might ask yourself, ‘Who is Soccer City USA?’”

But then he goes on to answer his own question in the expected way: “I remind all of us why we are Soccer City USA. We’ve got the greatest fans, the greatest atmosphere. This is a really, really special place, in Portland. And it’s a big opportunity.”

"Special" is one thing. 40,000 average for MLS would be something else.