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Schmid reacts to Sounders' 3-0 loss

The Sounders lost 3-0 today to Norwegian champion Rosenborg BK in the opening round of La Manga Cup II.

The website has some good video ... it really was pouring sideways over there. (Notice the absence of rain-in-Spain references?) (Until that one.)

Here's the scoring summary and Sounders' participation list:

Scoring SummaryROS-Moldskred (Aaren) 2’ROS-Skjelbred 18’ROS-Prica 67’

Seattle Sounders FC (4-4-2): Kasey Keller (Chris Eylander 46); James Riley (Zach Scott 60, Tyrone Marshall (Patrick Ianni 46), Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (Jamel Wallace 60), Tyson Wahl (Leo Gonzalez 60); Sanna Nyassi (David Estrada 46), Osvaldo Alonso (Stephen King 60), Peter Vagenas (Nathan Sturgis 46), Lamar Neagle (Rayner 46); Freddie Ljungberg (Roger Levesque 46), Fredy Montero (Tye Pardido 46).

Next, the Sounders will face Stabak of Norway in a second-round game at 6 a.m. (PT) Sunday. Staback lost to Denmark’s FC Norsjalland, 1-0, today.

Here's reaction from Sounders' coach Sigi Schmid:

Overall assessment) Obviously they’re a good team, and for us it’s good to play games against opponents of that quality. It gives us chance to take a measure of where we’re at. In fairness to our team, the worst you are, generally, when you travel like the trip that we made is two days in and that’s today. They’re a quality that is going to be in the Champions League next year and I thought they played well. The early goal certainly helped them. Outside of that I thought we had some moments in the game, but we have away some bad goals.

On the positives) You always take some positives away from a game. I thought Nate Sturgis came in and played very well in the second half for us. I thought Kasey was good in goal. I thought Freddie Ljungberg played well and was busy enough for us. Sanna Nyassi had some moments. Certainly his speed presents problems for the opposition. His decision-making still needs to improve. I thought Stephen King came in and played well. I also thought Roger Levesque came in and played very well in the second half. So I was pleased with those guys.

On the effect ot the wind and rain) The weather’s the same for both teams. We’re both playing in the wind and the rain, so we both had to deal with that and adjust to that. I think some of our guys’ choice of footwear wasn’t good. You’ve got to wear studs when you’re playing on a field like that. Our guys being guys that play in the States, they always seem to not want to wear studs; they want to wear molded whenever possible. Overall, I thought even with the weather we dealt with it well. I thought we had moments in the game where he got chances. We were around the goal for sure. Perdido had a chance where he almost scored. I don’t know if Montero was offside on the one. It was certainly close. But I didn’t think we embarrassed ourselves, but certainly the measure of the game they were the better team.