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Ball in players' court as deadline looms

Here's the latest (bad) news on MLS-union (non) negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement.

The current negotiating deadline – extended twice already – is now scheduled for tomorrow.

What's new this week – other than a newly nasty tone – is that trigger finger has now shifted over to the players.

When talks began, it seemed the most likely work stoppage would come from the owners locking the players out during training camp. That would have seemed to have hurt the players most by denying them paychecks while not denying the owners any of the income from missed games.

However, the owners' recent offer to continue on under the existing CBA shifts the nuclear button over to the players' side. Although I still don't see any reason why they would push it during training.

But that might – just might – make it more likely that the worst result – the one I didn't think would happen – might actually happen: missed league games.