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18-year-old striker reports to Sounders

Eighteen-year-old Colombian striker Miguel Montano trained with the Sounders for the first time today.

Some quotes provided by the club:

SIGI SCHMIDOn Montaño: “He is more somebody for the future. You have got to build for the present. We always want to be successful in the present and the present is the most important element of it. But we also want to make sure we have things for the future as well. So we have got to give him some time to settle, get his feet on the ground and see how he comes along. If he is ready, he will play. He will know and we will know.”On making him feel comfortable in Seattle: “The most important thing is to set up a good environment for him. He has a family that he is staying with and we want him to feel comfortable in the city and not stuck in a hotel with nothing to do. I think the club has always been very good at making sure it is a very welcoming situation for players.”

MIGUEL MONTANO On his first day training: “Everything went very well today. I feel very comfortable. All of my teammates have been very helpful so far so today was a great day.”

On how he feels being in Seattle: “The smile you see on my face is the happiness I have coming here to Seattle. It’s a dream come true and I am so happy to be here so I can’t hide the happiness I have right now.”

On comparisons to Christiano Ronaldo: “People compare me to Christiano Ronaldo mostly because of my haircut – the style of my hair. Ever since I was little, people said I looked like him. But everybody knows that Ronaldo is a unique player. He is one and only. I am happy to be compared to him but I know that Ronaldo is his own player.”

On his style of play: “I am a player that plays wide. I am an outside forward. I play on either the left or the right. My job is to shoot the ball across the field so that other players can get the goals in.”

On relationship with Sounders FC players: “They have given their unconditional support to me. It has been great so far and they are very supportive.”

On the opportunity to train with Sounders FC: “This is an incredible opportunity that I have been given and I want to take every opportunity when I am here, playing on this field with them [Fredy Montero and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado] as teammates. I want to take advantage of every moment I have here in this incredible stadium.”

On his family: “My mother has always been my guide through my whole life. Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was young but my mother has always been there supporting me, telling me to keep my head up and keep pursuing my dreams. ... My mother has been telling me that she is very happy that I am coming here to the U.S. and she tells me to keep my head up and take advantage of every opportunity I am given here because this is not an opportunity that comes along to anybody my age. So she is very supportive and very happy that I am here in Seattle.”