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Thoughts on MLS '10 kits (not for everyone)

The Sounders are off this weekend, of course, but most of the rest of the league is in action. So, I thought I'd use the relative down time to take a look at all of this season's MLS kits, courtesy of the FanHouse site.

I know this particular topic doesn't appeal to everyone. However ...

I really liked the Union unis.

Meanwhile, I like those instantly recognizable Colubus yellows more than the new blacks.

I think United's VW is the best sponsor presence... except maybe for New York, which seems kind of like a separate issue.

I'd really like the Red Bulls logo if only I didn't know its just an energy drink logo.

I not only like Dallas' hoops, but I like calling them the Hoops.

Houston's orange might be my favorite kit in the league. (Seattle and Columbus' yellow close behind ... I'm a sucker for instantly recognizable kits.

(I'm also a sucker for vertical stripes, but this isn't much of a vertical stripe league.)

Hmm, I guess Chivas USA didn't re-brand after all.