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Philly coach: Crowd quiet, Ljungberg flops

Thanks to Todd Milles for filling in so well this week.

I got to see a few highlights, including both goals -- which were both dazzlers.

However, what's really gotten my attention were the comments of Philladelphia coach Peter Nowak after the game, managing to disrespect both the crowd and designated player Freddy Ljungberg in a short game summary:

“I think the goals we needed to do better, specifically on the first one. We have to cover much better the runs coming from the second lines. We had a good 10 minutes and the goal comes unexpected from someone we didn’t cover. The second goal was a by-print of the red card. Toni Stahl was supposed to cover (Fredy) Montero; we knew he was going to be on the back post.

"Even with a man down, the stadium with 40,000 people was pretty quiet in the second half. I believe even with 10 men we gave good effort and substituted guys in to score a goal. We didn’t sit back, we pushed forward. This is the first game and the first step.

"From the other standpoint we got to see all this flopping and diving and when you see the stats we have eight fouls and six cards that is too much. There is guys rolling around on the pitch like they got shot. I think we need to recognize there are guys doing this stuff and trying to take advantage of the referee decisions. I expect someone like Freddie Ljungberg who has scored so many goals and played hundreds of games with the national team and won so many trophies would be more honest than he is. He is complaining and whining about missing a goal and trying to push the referee for a yellow card is not up to his standards. I believe and we both played the game and I believe when you play the game you not only try to win but try to be honest with your effort. I think it is below his standards. That is just my opinion.

"I’m just looking forward to my team and the youngsters we played tonight there was a lot of good effort. Overall, you can’t take away anything from these guys. If you look around we have to take everything into account, with the red card and still able to play our game in the second half.”

For those planning ahead, the Sounders visit Philly on June 27.