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Schmid reacts to Philly coach comments

Reporters at today's Sounders availability asked Sigi Schmid about the comments of Philly coach Peter Nowak's comments (post below) about Freddy Ljungberg diving, etc.

“That is Peter’s feelings," he said. "I’m not going to change the way he views it or feels about it. I focus and concentrate on my team. I not going to focus and concentrate on his team. I encourage my players to go 1-v-1 and that’s why when I was in Columbus and Seattle we tend to draw more fouls than other teams because we allow our players to go a little bit 1-v-1. But, that’s just my style of coaching. Freddie took a good knee. It wasn’t really in the back. It was more in the butt. And (Fredy) Montero had three ice bags on this morning from the knee he took in the back. Obviously we know what happened and he made his comments but that’s just the way they are.”

And to a follow-up question:

“Again, that’s Peter. I think for us in the second half we would’ve wanted more [goals]. We were a little disappointed. We had some chances early in the second half. Sometimes when you are playing a man up you take your foot off the gas a little bit and I think we might have done that. But, first game of the year and we got three points. The next time we play them it will be a little bit easier because we will have a better idea of what they are all about. Everything happens on the field. Everything else is just for you guys to write about.”

Meanwhile the Sounders reserves also played to a 3-1 win over Oregon State, with two goals coming from top SuperDraft pick David Estrada.

The basics:

Sounders FC Lineup – Terry Boss, Patrick Ianni (Jamel Wallace 65), Taylor Graham (Jeff Parke 45), James Riley, Stephen King, Nathan Sturgis, Peter Vagenas (Miguel Montaño 45), Sanna Nyassi (Sean Okoli 65), David Estrada and Michael Fucito (Sanna Nyassi 83).

Goals:SEA – King (Nyassi) 21SEA – Estrada (Fucito) 28OSU – Brian Ramsey 53SEA – Estrada (Wahl) 70

And Schmid's reaction:

“It was good for our reserve players to get some minutes. It was good for David Estrada to get a goal today. I think that was great. Stephen King had the one as well. I thought (Nathan) Sturgis had some very good moments out there. It was good to see (Miguel) Montaño out there playing. I thought he had some good moments as well. It’s always good to get a run. You want to make sure you don’t get into bad habits. For the most part, I thought we did some pretty good things.”