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Ljungberg (& Schmid) on back injury

On how he feels: “I don’t feel great. Of course I had a kick in my lower spine and it is still swollen. We have X-rays and MRI’s on it and there are fluids in the spine and it affects the nerves a little bit. When I try to walk up stairs, my (right) leg buckles and that was the same problem in the game. I couldn’t push on my right leg. It’s getting better and, according to the doctors, if we can get the fluid away I can play.”

On playing Saturday against the New York: “I really hope so. I think I turned a corner yesterday or overnight. I couldn’t even walk up stairs yesterday and today I could have a small jog. It hurt a little bit but not too bad. Like I said, they say if the fluid gets flushed out, I need to move my body to get it to flush out, then I will be playing. But if the fluid doesn’t get away . . . It has nothing to do with pain. It’s mostly that my leg just wobbles when I try to stand on it.”

On MLS doing more to protect players: “If you comment about these things, you always get some people who say you are moaning and this and that. I have done everything I can. I have put on six to eight pounds this season to try to, maybe what I think should be a foul when I’ve been pushed around last season, I didn’t get fouled. I put on some muscles and hopefully that will help me. It’s quite a delicate thing to talk about but I personally have the view that it is supposed to be a technical game. If you’re not quick enough and you have to foul, that should be reprimanded.”

Ljungberg also generally said that the comments of Philly coach Peter Nowak -- who accused him of being a dishonest flopping faking player -- weren't worthy of response. However, he still responded a bit and I'll try to provide that direct quote later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, here's what Schmid had to say about Ljungberg's status:

“We’ll see. We wanted to go easy today. Today he jogged and ran on it. Even though we are off tomorrow, he will probably come in and do some work. We will see on Thursday. If he is able to go full out on Thursday then I think we will see Freddie Ljungberg on Saturday.”