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Morning after: New York 1, Sounders 0

Here's our story from this morning's paper. And our photo gallery from the game by Joe Barrentine.

Here's the coverage from the MLSsoccer site.

And a few more thoughts from the game, as transcribed by the club:

Sigi SchmidOpening statement: “It’s the beauty of the game for the fans that statistically sometimes you can dominate the game and you come out with nothing at the end of the day that’s the way soccer is more so than any other sport. For sure I thought we had some good opportunities. Coundoul came up with a couple of big saves, the one on Zakuani and the one that he went up to his left. Ljungberg had a good opportunity with the header. We had a ton of corners, we had a ton of free kicks, we need to be more effective on those things so that’s something we’ve got to make sure we go to the training ground and make sure we become more effective on that. I’m not displeased with our effort, I’m not displeased with our ability to get forward but I am displeased with our ability to finish.”On the Red Bulls improvement over last season: “For sure. Like I said in the week, they are a much better organized NY team defensively. They’re more disciplined. Lindpere gives them some bit in midfield. You look at the foul totals and obviously they were a lot more aggressive than we were in that regard and that slows it down. Some of those are tactical fouls to basically stop you from countering on them too quickly, get the attack going. Overall I thought we got into the final third, even though defensively they were better, I thought we got there.”

PAT NOONANOn his Sounders debut: “It was good to get the minutes in. Disappointing that you come out with a loss but a lot of good possessions, some good chances but just couldn’t convert.”

On connecting with new teammates) “It’s a learning experience. Before the game, I was kind of asking around, seeing that there was going to be some movements and adjustments. Freddie [Ljungberg]likes to hop out wide so just trying to get into that rhythm of finding holes and getting out of the way when Freddie comes out wide or whatever it might be. You try to go out there and try to be creative and I was trying to get some crosses in, maybe get some chances, get some shots on goal or something.”

I've also got a few more leftover quotes -- and thoughts. Back with those in a little while.