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Hanauer: Sounders will score 'a pile of goals'

I know some fans were distressed by the Sounders 1-0 loss to the Red Bulls on Saturday ... partly for the loss, partly for how familiar it looked to too many losses last season ... right up to the playoff series against Houston.

So, I spoke to general manager Adrian Hanauer about that today. Here's the full story on that conversation from the Wednesday paper. But here is the highlight paragraph:

“The one thing I can guarantee is that we are going to get it right. One way or another, it’s going to get right. Whether that means moving players positionally, or bringing someone in, moving someone out, it’s going to happen. We’re going to score a pile of goals, whether in the present configuration, or in the summer, or whatever moves we need to make to get it right.”

And some more:

Q: Did you do enough over the off-season to improve the offense?

A: “Only if we score more goals. Obviously the proof is in the pudding. To date, we had a good opening game: We scored a couple of goals, a couple of good goals. But we didn’t versus New York. So I think the jury’s still out.”

Q: Did you intend to bring in more new faces, or did you believe the existing players deserved another chance?

A: “We still feel that this group being together another year will get even better; that regardless of what we did in the off-season in terms of acquisitions, we were going to score more goals this year. Again, the proof will be if we do or not.

“It’s easy to talk about bringing players in. When you bring players in, some players are going to go out. We have a salary cap. The idea is to get it right, but there are a lot of teams that make a lot of moves that don’t get it right. They end up not as good as they were before. They made a bunch of moves, maybe the fans are happy because they made a move, but now they’re not as good. So that was one thing we didn’t want to do: just make moves for the sake of making moves.

“Nkufo was definitely a target of ours, and we were very hopeful that we could actually bring him for the beginning of the season. That was our original objective, which I think would have been good. As it turns out, we’re not going to be able to bring him in until mid-season.

“There are certainly players in our league who we were interested in. But the problem is that other teams who have the type of player that we might have been looking for -- who has had a lot of success in the league -- they don’t really want to give them up. So we weren’t willing to tear apart our team to get one guy. To give up three starters for one guy may fill the bill at that position, but now we’ve just made ourselves weaker at two other positions.”