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Wrist surgery for Montero; Riley cleared

"It’s something they felt the need to do surgery now," Schmid said. "It’s not something major, but it’s something that needed to be done now because it could have developed into something major if it wasn’t taken care of . Now it’s a question of if he’s going to be able to play Saturday or not. There’s a chance he could play Saturday, there’s a chance he might not play Saturday. But if he does miss Saturday he’d be back for the following week for sure. It’s not going to keep him out very long.

"... He fell on it when we trained in New York. It was bothering him, we didn’t think much of it, it was bothing him a little bit. They decided to look at it, and the hand specialist said it was in a tricky part that doesn’t get a lot of blood circulation and if you don’t deal with it sooner rather than later then it could impact you over a longer term."

Meanwhile, defender James Riley (concussion) was cleared for full practice today and will be available Saturday against the Quakes, his former team. However, Mike Fucito rolled his ankle early in training today and left. His status wasn't immediately certain.