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Both sides disappointed two goals not enough

There were some things the Sounders seemed to like about their play in their 2-2 draw at San Jose tonight. But their main feeling seemed to be disappointment that they gave up two leads and that they are four games into their season and still looking for their first win.

Before getting to the direct quotes, a few interesting things said by Sigi Schmid:

* Erik Friberg had the flu and almost didn't start. That's why he played only 45 minutes. (It sounded like Schmid had a bit of the flu too.)

* Fredy Montero's wrist surgery apparently was more involved than originally planned, and his status for Chicago next weekend isn't known.

* When Montero returns, don't expect him to play alongside Rosales. Schmid said they're too similar players and they already tried that with Montero and Freddie Ljungberg.

Now on to those quotes:

COACH SIGI SCHMIDOverview) Obviously we scored some goals tonight, so that was a good situation. But I think we let ourselves down a little bit defensively. Obviously Khari Stephenson hits a great shot, but we let ourselves down just from the standpoint of the balls we turned over in midfield. And I thought we created some turnovers that always put us in trouble, and that’s something that we need to eliminate.

On Rosales' start) It was a chance to get Mauro out there on the field and see what he could do, and I thought he played very well. I thought for 45 minutes he was very good.I thought in the second 45 he obviously ran out of gas a little bit, but he is still an intelligent player, he still would get into the corners and get corner kicks for us. He really helped us out in that regard, and I tried to milk as many minutes out of him as possible. Because not all of our guys were real sharp with their thinking.

On Zakuani's assist to O'Brian White) It was good for Steve to get an assists – and the combination, it was good to see (White) get one. He said he was going to get one tonight, so that was good.

On the result) We want to get three points. A lot of other teams tied today, and it would have been a good chance for us to jump up. If we would have won today we’d have one point less than New York. It’s a matter of us continuing to work at it. At tiems we’re playing good soccer. I didn’t think the second half was particularly good soccer from us. I think we played better soccer in the other three games. I thought the first half at times we played some very good stuff. We just got to be sure we can put 90 minutes together on the field.

On the pitch) It’s always a little bit hectic because the field plays small. It’s not a small field, but it plays small and it’s sort of sticky and a little bit slippery.

On losing two leads) We’ve got to do a better job when we’ve got the ball. Twice they had to press because they were down, and we didn’t do a good enough job of being able to turn that into good attacking moments for us.

STEVE ZAKUNAIOnhis assist) It’s one of those where I knew there were people in the box, so if you put it in the right area they’re going to score, and eventually it just went in the right area. (White) fights to get there and then puts his header on goal. It was an important goal for us right before halftime. I wish we could have held on to it, but it wasn’t to be.

On the result) If you score two goals on the road you expect to win the game. It’s tough to score away on the road in MLS, but we got two of them, took the lead twice, and we gave it away. To be sure I’m not sure there’s much we could have done to stop that strike from 35 yards or whatever it was. You can say we’ve got to close down quicker. At the end of the day he hit the ball really well. We had other chances and could have capitalized. We have to wait for that elusive first win one more week. It’s a broken record now, but all the signs are positive. We’re still playing good football, creating great chances on the road and just couldn’t’ close out the game today.

BRAD EVANSOn his goal) I think Mauro just got the ball, beat a couple of guys and I just saw him coming in late.I think somebody dragged a couple of defenders away and I was able to get my right foot on it and push it past.

On Rosales) It’s somebody who we’ve been playing with for the past month and a half or two months. That’s probably some guys’ first game with him to be honest. Learning his tendencies is something we still need to do for sure , but I think he brings a different dynamic – especially a player other teams haven’t seem before as well. They’re kind of unsure also. I thought in the first half he did a great job bringing us energy and pressuring the ball and making good runs and holding the ball.

KASEY KELLEROn shutting out Chris Wondolowski)“He had a couple of good chances. On the first, if he’d put that a little lower I would’ve had no chance to save it, but sometimes you find yourself in the right place to make the save. I think we focused so much on him that we let a couple guys run through the middle. On the Earthquakes) “They have a good team here, there’s a fun atmosphere, it’s a great pitch to play on and I’m just looking forward to seeing the new stadium.”

Finally, from

San Jose coach FRANK YALLOP:On the Match) We felt a little unlucky tonight that we didn't get the win, but to come back into the game being a goal down twice is very good in any match. I'm very happy with tonight’s match, with the outcome and with the performance by our players. For the most part, I feel we dominated play against a good team.

On coming from behind twice) What I liked about our play tonight was that we didn't give up. We dominated play in the second half, we got the goal and I felt that we were unlucky that we didn't get the third one to win it.