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Sounders looking for goal-scorer ... and others

Here's some of what he had to say:

If the Sounders are looking to bring in a goal-scorer) We’re always looking for forwards among other positions. Last night I watched a game, and three games this morning and those players happened to be strikers. I think most teams are looking for someone who can score goals, and that’s the name of the game is to score more goals than the other team. I think we looked at that. We’re looking at other positions, too, but when you’re trying to improve your roster and get things going offensively it’s a position we look at.

On the team struggling to settle on a lineup) I think you guys have seen it today: You’ve seen five or six guys rotate for a few spots. I think it’s looking at who’s in the best form, the best combinations, too. And it’s not always only the midfielders, but how the wide midfielder works with the wide back, and those kinds of tandems together. ... It’s good that we have so many guys healthy. It would be nice if we could get Montero back in the mix, and then we can really look at everyone for selection. But have have to kind of get ourselves out of where we’re at right now, and I think if we can get a result this week – if we can get a win – it’s really going to help the team confidence and mentality.

On using four lineups in four games) I think that’s part of it. But I think you see it with all the teams that end up going on a run and doing well. They find that lineup that works and you stick with it, and you don’t want to change a winning lineup. But sometimes it takes teams a little longer to find that winning lineup. It could be that a guy is in really good form, maybe he’s playing this season with an injury, but it’s finding what it is that brings out the best in each player. And I think our coaching staff does a good job of finding out what they need to do to touch a guy to make him feel good about himself, because so much of this job is the psychology and the mentality going into it. And if you believe you can do it, sometimes that little belief can make a difference in performing well.