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Parke OK after taking shot to the face

By that I mean he was standing upright, his nose wasn’t pointing crookedly to either side, and he wasn’t speaking in tongues.

None of that had seemed likely for a time in the second half of the Sounders win over Chicago on Saturday, when Fire midfielder Mike Videira whacked a shot directly into Parke’s face.

Parke’s legs shot up like a cartoon character as the rest of him fell to the turf like a stone.

“Luckily -- I've been out cold before on something similar -- and I didn't slam my head back,” he said. “That's one of the main reasons I wasn't out. But all I remember is, ‘Wow, I went down fast.’ ... It hit me so solid – it wasn’t like it hit me just in the chin or forehead – and now my nose is a little swollen. I'd rather that than be talking you today saying, 'I don't know how long I'm going to be out.’”

Parke was off for only a few minutes, walking briefly to the sideline before returning to the pitch.

It’s all part of the job, coach Sigi Schmid said.

“Unfortunately, that’s the life of a defender,” Schmid said. “I’ve taken a few as well, and everybody that’s played in the back has taken a few. But it’s certainly good that he (and Osvaldo Alonso, who took a similar shot) are still walking around and actually know what city they’re in and what team they belong to.”

Once it was apparent that Parke wasn’t seriously hurt, his teammates felt free to joke about at the shot, which ricocheted approximately 50 yards off Parke’s face before rolling across the center line and finally the touchline on the Chicago end.

“That's what a lot of guys were laughing at,” Parke said. “They were like, 'If you saw how far it went back you would have been laughing pretty hard.’ It was good.”