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3-5-2 discussion: In emergencies? From the start?

Not surprisingly, the Sounders shift to a 3-5-2 yesterday with plenty of firepower drew comments from blog readers and Sounders fans everywhere. Especially in light of some Sigi Schmid quotes that could indicate we'll be seeing more of it ... perhaps a lot more.

"Now you have Montero coming back into the mix as well so you’ve got to figure out how to fit the pieces of the puzzle work together," he said. "So we talked about it, depending on how the game goes we might go into a 3-5-2 that might suit getting all those pieces onto the field."

Also, in the comments sections from posts below:

EverydayFan says:

So, why not start a 3-3-4 more often?

We have killer quality in the back ... Keller, Alonso, and the Ds ... and the way we were always attacking today, it seemed like the ball hardly crossed the mid-line ... that was fabulously entertaining soccer!

And exSlacker adds:

It sounds like Sigi is considering moving forward with a 3-5-2. I can actually see that working, as we have a lot of mids who get back and consistently play good D. So...if we do that, Flaco's in...but who's out? We also have a bit of a log jam at center back ... and that would mean that instead of one of three center mids sitting, we'd have two of three sitting. Who sits? Parke or El Pres? Or can one of them play effectively wide (meaning Riley or Tico sit)?

I'm sure some version of all this will be the top issue when the Sounders return to training (and therefore meet the media) on Tuesday. But until then, I'm opening this post for comment/debate/speculation.