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Sounders don't assume Zakuani lost for year

"You never like to see players get injured, but of course you don’t like to see them get injured like that where it’s so blatant and just kind of a disregard for personal safety," Keller said. "It’s just a shame, but Steve will bounce back, I’m sure he will. It will be a tough few months and I’ll go out on a limb and say he’ll be back for the playoffs. Hopefully he’ll have a good quick recovery. But we’ve got to move on. Obviously he was a huge part of our team over the last amount of time he’s played. I think he’s been responsible for 40 percent of our total offense this season alone. So it’s going to be tough, but we have guys who need to step up and prove their worth, and it’s a good opportunity for them; but a huge loss for us."

Schmid also spoke a little about who might be stepping into Zakuani's spot in the lineup. And several Sounders sounded off a bit about what discipline should be taken against Colorado's Brian Mullan, who caused the injury. Here's some of that:

How is the team doing and where do you go from here?SS: "Obviously it's a big blow to our team. It changes the way we've got to play in the future. He was a big part of our team and had a big impact, but for us we have to move forward. That's what our task is now and our duty. We have to make sure we get it together for the next game. We got to continue to work hard and we certainly wish Steve all the best. I know he wants us to do same, just move forward."

Has there been any communication with Steve yet? SS: "I know Steve got on his email so I'm sure he got back to some people and stuff. I know he and I talked. I was there all of Saturday morning and have been keeping in touch with Randy Noteboom, who is still there. I sent Steve an email or two and he responded to those as well. It's good, something to keep his mind busy as well."

Is it too early for a timeline on his recovery and return? SS: "Yeah, it's too early. There's no timeline we can really establish and this point. He's still in Denver. When he'll come back from Denver we're still unsure of. We'll just take it one step at a time as we move forward."

Is it inappropriate to say done for the season? SS: "It really all depends on what happens in the next two to three weeks. Again, when you talk to doctors, one time it’ll be highly unlikely and also one of the doctors said, 'I think he can maybe play by the end of the season.' It all depends on how things go on the recovery and everyone's different. Some people recover quicker than others and for some it goes faster than others, it depends on the uniqueness of the injury."

What was done in surgery?SS: "He had a broken fibula and a broken tibia. For the tibia what they do when it's a serious injury sometimes is put a rod or nail in there, so that's what they've had to do for that. The fibula should heal by itself; I think it wasn't displaced. So that's the main thing. It's probably similar to the injury Aaron Ramsey suffered last year for Arsenal on the tackle from Shawcross. It's similar to that and what Eduardo suffered as well for Arsenal -- although it's higher up on the shin. That's good because if it's lower to the ankle that just provides another complication."

On the candidates for filling his spot:SS: “Again, you talk about options. There’s a lot of different options to look at. Certainly [Alvaro] Fernandez came in the match and played in the left position. [Erik] Friberg played there when Steve couldn’t play in a game in New York so that’s another possibility. Lamar Neagle has done well in the reserve games. He is somebody else who can play wide. Michael Tetteh right now is probably a better wide midfielder than he is left back so he is a possibility. Miguel Montaño is somebody who can play there, needs to be sharper at practice on a daily basis in order to get himself in there. And then we can always alter a little bit the way we play.”