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Both sides react to Sounders 3-0 win

Here's our game story, and one from the Toronto Sun.

Here's some of the reaction after Seattle's 3-0 win over Toronto FC tonight at Qwest Field:

Seattle coach SIGI SCHMIDOverview)"I thought we played well. I thought we were a little bit unfortunate to only be ahead by one at halftime. We got the second goal – we said the first 15-20 minutes of the second half would be important: We got that second goal early into the second half, so that established our rhythm and we came close a couple of other times. Obviously we had to change our formation a little bit, play a little bit differently but I thought the guys responded really well. I thought we did a good job in the first half of disrupting the type of passing game that Toronto wants to establish. I was very pleased with how our team played. We made Kasey work for the shutout at the end. I guess they felt they didn’t want to give him a free one.

On Brad Evans) We wanted him on the right, but we also wanted him coming inside a little bit more. Same thing with Fernandez. We just wanted to get Friberg into the middle because we felt this game this is the way the formation would be best for us. Brad’s played on the right before. He’s comfortable out there. He’s a good crosser of the ball as he showed on the first goal. And obviously he finshed his goal. He was unlucky not to get a couple more. But him and Fernandez – both of them as wide players tucking in at the right times – did a good job for us.

On playing Wednesday and Saturday road games next week) “I think the team showed its depth today. It worked out well for us in terms of keeping Mauro out, so Mauro should be able to go on Wednesday; and if not on Wednesday for sure he’ll be able to go on Saturday. … Obviously we’ve got to relay on our depth as we go into this week, but we know we’ve got people – Jeff Parke, Leo Gonzalez, Mike Fucito, Roger (Levesque) who came on, Lamar Neagle, Zach Scott – we’ve got a lot of different options and those guys will come through for us.”

BRAD EVANSOn getting the win) “It was good. I thought for the team overall, just a good push going forward. We have two tough road games coming up so it was vital to get the three points at home right now.”

On if he felt that the team was more spirited in this match) “Yeah, we played players in different formations, different positions as well, so I think everybody had a good attitude from that standpoint and obviously, with Steve [Zakuani] and O.B. [O’Brian White], you know, we talked about before the game kind of doing it for them so I think that was in the back of everybody’s mind. But now we come together as a team and we push forward from here.”

KASEY KELLERWin one for the missing players?) I hope not. Honestly I hope that's just the way we come out and play every time. Whatever your motivation is, you're motivation should be, 'I'm a pro and I'm going to do it the right way.' IT was just a great night to be able to go and win 3-nil under the circumstances, but we also have a group of guys that realize that their opportunity has come. It's always disappointing when it comes because of an injury to someone else, but as a pro then it's your obligation to step up and show everybody what you're made of and I thought the guys did that very well.

Were Sounders due for breakout) Definitely. No question about it. I think it could've been more than three. There were some good chances out there and I'm just proud of the way the guys played. I'm a little disappointed in the last 10 minutes, I think we took our foot off a little bit, but they'll probably just saying, 'Let's make that old bastard make some saves.' Whatever it takes. It was nice to have a 3-0 win at home. Free haircuts, free tcaocs, great way to spend your weekend.

Toronto coach ARON WINTEROn his overall thoughts on the match) “It is very simple, it was a bad game and we didn’t play well. Seattle played the we expected to play but during the game everyone was afraid. Secondly they were doing something just not the things we asked.” On his team being fatigued with the extensive travel the last few days) “It could be, but soccer is simple and we ask for the most simple things. When most of the players are doing their own thing it will be difficult.” On the play of the second half subs) “They were doing what we were asking and doing it well. What I expect is the most experience players have to do what we want. They have to be fighting and battling and doing things we expect.” On the team regrouping for two matches this upcoming week) “First I’m going to think about it. I’m not satisfied with some players with their performance during this match and the previous games. I like more players who are giving everything because some players today didn’t give everything.” Toronto forward JACOB PETERSONOn his overall thoughts of the match) “Terrible, we didn’t show up today. Simple as that.” On being possibly fatigued) “It was not excuse. A lot of guys today didn’t play a full game in Edmonton. We have to look in the mirror and take accountability.” On the dominant performance put out by Seattle) “What didn’t they do. They did everything they wanted to do. We were running around chasing ghost out there. We have to come together and look at the tape and figure out how to get better out there.”