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White injury mysterious; Rosales questionable

The top issues seemed to be health-related:

General update on personnel issues:Basically the same. Rosales is doing better. It’s still a little bit of a gametime decision with him. Outside of that, we really didn’t have any injuries. Jaqua got through the game OK -- he feels fine – because it’s been a long time since he’s started. And outside of that we’re OK.

Status of Rosales?That’s going to be a game-time decision. He feels good, went through training and he feels better than he has felt. So we’re just going to see how it is and just make sure it continues to progress, because we don’t want to do something that’s going to jeopardize him for a longer time. So we’ll see how it is. Do the doctors have a better idea now of what causes O'Brian White's blood clot?"Yeah, I think they have an idea. I can't really (explain it) because I'm medically not able to really indicate what that is. It's also a situation that there's still a couple more tests that they want to do to be able to finalize that. I think with one of the tests they need to do they need to give O'Brian White another week because of the surgery to remove the clot it's still a little swollen and it keeps him from fully extending his leg. Once he's got full range again and he's recovered from that initial clot surgery then they'll be able to do the final tests. They think they have an idea right now but I don't know if they're able to say, 'This is what we think caused it, 100-percent,' at this stage." Is it premature to say season-ending? "It's all premature at this stage. It's one of those unique things, sort of like Mike Fucito's injury last year. It's something that people haven't seen a lot of. What O'Brian is going through is something that in consultation with other teams in our league, with other doctors, everyone is like, 'I've never seen this.' Everyone keeps answering that way so we're sort of going through it for the first time and we're becoming the standard bearer for other teams. If some other team goes through this they'll be calling us and saying, 'How did this work?' He went through this a little bit with Brad's injury last year, with Fucito's injury and now we're going through it again. We were talking about it the other day, myself and Mike Morris, the doctor, how we've had three pretty strange injuries. It's not that we're trying to be coy or trying to be deceptive and this stage or not trying to release information to our fans. At this stage we really don't know. If I told you he'd be out for the season that would be a guess. If I told you he'd be back in four months that would be a guess. And if I told you he'd be back in a month that would be a guess. At this stage we know he's out for the immediate future and once we can definitely say this is what caused it, then develop a plan and then develop a return-to-playing-status plan, everything right now is premature." On D.C. United's Charlie Davies and his comeback"I know Charlie a bit because he was on my squad when we qualified with the under-20 team in 2005. I don't know all the details of the injury he had -- the injuries, he suffered more than one -- in that car accident. It just takes a while. It takes a while to come back, but not knowing the full details I can't tell you how long. I know he's saying he's close to being fully back but in my mind he's probably still five or six months away from being the Charlie Davis that he was. It's not because he's not physically maybe back, it just takes those 5-6 months of game time, game sharpness, your body getting used to the game pounding. Pounding in a game that your body takes is different than the pounding at practice or running straight ahead. It's the equivalent to me if you're fit to run marathons and you go jogging all the time and you try to play tennis or do something else and all of a sudden everything hurts. It's the same sort of thing. He's done all the things you do for your rehab, he's practicing and he's practiced a lot, but now he needs that final sharpness. And based upon the amount of time he's been out it's going to take another 5-6 months to get that final, final game sharpness."