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Sigi on Evans as leading scorer ... and PK taker

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Who would have guessed that eight games into the MLS season, Brad Evan's would be the Sounders leading goal scorer. I asked coach Sigi Schmid about that during a Tuesday afternoon conference call:

"Brad Evans: Is he going to be our leading goal scorer at the end of the year? I probably don’t think so," Schmid said. "But if he was, I wouldn’t be disappointed, because that would mean other guys are getting a lot of goals too. Again, Brad is a player that sometimes divides the public, because it doesn’t always look as smooth and as skilful as maybe it looks with Montero or someone like that, but at the end of the day you measure effectiveness, and certainly he’s an effective player. As a midfielder, the ability to score goals and him now, and Flaco, who has gotten a couple of goals playing as a midfielder, when you look at that and you take away Brad’s penalty, that’s four goals from your midfield in the run of play. If you’re getting a goal every two games from your midfield, that’s a good sign from you team."

Evans took over the team goal lead when he nailed a PK last week against Toronto. I know that the Sounders held a PK kickoff last season to establish their PK pecking order, so I asked Schmid if Evans won such a competition this season. "We sort of established that last year, and we usually put a couple of names down before the game if there’s a PK, and he was one of the names," Schmid said. "At the very beginning, I let the players decide and the team decide, and since we struggled for so long trying to score penalties, we decided we were going to take a good hard look at it and decide who we thought were the best guys. So the guys that we think have been the most consistent in the times when we take penalties are the guys that we usually put down."