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Sounders to debut 'Cascade shale' kits tonight

I've always loved the rave green, largely because it is distinct enough to be instantly recognizable in Major League Soccer. If you're watching a soccer highlights show, there's no mistaking the Sounders for anyone else.

Conversely, that was my only problem with the alternate blue jerseys. They looked perfectly fine on their own. But so many teams in MLS wear blue, that the Sounders' version just blended into the crowd. So, I was very happy to hear they were switching to shale -- a dark charcoal color against which the bright rave trim should really pop out.

I know, I know, I know: Some of you can't imagine anyone caring about this. Some folks are into uniforms (click here to be transported to the Uni Watch website), and some aren't. However, since those who don't care presumably stopped reading at the headline, I'll now share my conversation with former Mexican national team keeper Jorge Campos, who became a national sensation not only for the 129 caps for Mexico, not only for his starts in the 1994 and 1998 World Cups, not only for his play in MLS and various Mexican league teams, not only for the amazing 35 career goals he scored, but because of the wildly colorful goalkeepers uniforms/costumes he created.

Q: How did you come to design your own keepers' uniforms?JC: I grew up on a beach at Acapulco, and I was big into surfing, and at that time those were the colors I grew up wearing. I never, ever used long-sleeves, and when I was a goalie I didn’t like long sleeves and I didn’t want to use them. So since the goalie could dress a little bit differently, I started to use the colors that I liked, and I was the only one who could really take advantage of the fact that I didn’t have to wear the same colors, and I started to design the uniforms and the colors, and I started to design them. I had a lot of criticism because people thought that the goalie should wear a dark color. But I wore the colors that I liked, and it actually kind of went well for me.

What do you think of the bright green Sounders kits, and their new shale ones?JC: Personally, I really like the green, but it’s not my decision what kind of uniform the team is going to wear. In the United States, a lot of times the uniform changes are due to marketing. … Obviously uniforms are changing all the time. For me, green is great.

Q: What's your favorite soccer kit in the world?JC: In the world, I go straight back to my home team: the Pumas. I like their uniform, and not only because I like the colors and design, but because I really respect the organization that is behind the Pumas team. It’s a young team – they’re always thinking about the youth and encouraging youth.