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Clubs react: Schmid pleased to get tie with Crew

Here is some of what both sides had to say tonight after the Sounders and Crew played to a 1-1 draw in Columbus:

SIGI SCHMIDGeneral impressions on the game:“I was pleased getting a tie. We took the lead early and were hoping to be able to hold on to it. Tired legs got the best of us in the second half. The Crew played with a lot of energy and pushed their players forward so we had to hold on a little at the end.”On Fredy Montero’s goal and performance:“It was an important goal. He needed to score that one and he needs to score many more. We need multi-goal games from him and we need him to continue to raise his level. He’s a very important player for us. I think at the end he got a little fatigued and that was the reason we made the change. I thought the goal was a very good goal. It was a good cross by Friberg and a good header by Fredy.”

On Kasey Keller’s performance:“Kasey came up with a big save on Mendoza’s free kick and a couple of corner kicks. He was trying to get the balls that were bouncing around the box and it was good to be able to get a point out of this.”

KASEY KELLEROn the game:“In the end, it’s a good point. They were pushing for the win and had a number of corners at the end. We hung on and in the end it was a good point. I think we faded a little bit at the end, but it’s normal.”

On the save on Robbie Rogers’ breakaway in the first half:“I did everything wrong on that play. My first read was that one of my defenders was going to spin and pass the ball back to me, so I was giving him space to do so. I stepped up thinking I could get it outside of the box, but I was all over the place. It was nice to make the save, but it was one of those things where you do everything wrong and somehow manage to make it.”

On the save on Mendoza’s free kick:“He hit it on my side and I would’ve been really disappointed if he beat me on that side, as he would have had to do something really special to get me from there. It’s always nice to make a save like that. They put us under a bit of pressure and we held on in the end and that is showing where we’re going.”

Crew coach ROBERT WARZYCHAOn the first half:“I think we started the game pretty well, with good balance. We possessed the ball pretty well and even had one good chance in the beginning. Then they got the better of the game, to be honest with you, and we started playing long ball, and that didn’t work. We made some turnovers in the middle third that cost us a goal.”

On the second half:“But the second half was a completely different game and we pushed for the goal and we scored one, and created a number of chances in the end. But we didn’t get any luck. The most important thing is the result. You play for 90 minutes, so obviously we’d like to score first, whether it is the first half or the second half. But the result is over 90 minutes.”

Crew forward EMILIO RENTERIAOn taking the PK:“I thought he [Sounders ‘keeper Kasey Keller] would have watched video from last week’s penalty shot, so I decided to shoot for the opposite post.”

On the overall performance and the playing conditions:“It was very wet and very heavy to play in these conditions. We made some mistakes and made some decisions we probably shouldn’t have made. I will get with my teammates and I will work on correcting the mistakes I made.”

On pushing for a second goal in the end:“I think we had the most chances we had since the beginning of the season in the last 30 minutes. It would have been nice to get the three points but I am happy with the point all things considered.”

Crew defender Rich BalchanGeneral impressions:“I think in the first half we were getting beat to a lot of 50-50 balls. In the second half, we were a lot sharper we were winning more balls especially in higher spots on the field and I think that is what made the difference.”

And finally a few additional quotes from the Associated Press:

MARSHALL on drawing the penalty kick"He got me. I've got marks all over me from his hands. I'm glad they called it."

SCHMID, not quite disputing that, but well short of pleased:"I'm not saying it wasn't a penalty. All I know is we played Wednesday in D.C. and one of our guys got wrapped up and body slammed to the ground. The referee was 4 yards away and there was no call."

KELLER overview:"Give them some credit. They're home, trying to get a win. It's a good point, but we kind of faded a little. But that's normal."