Sounders Insider

Sounders weigh in as Timbers week begins

No question about the top storyline this week: the Northwest rivalry of Portland at Seattle on Saturday.

Here's some early thoughts from the Sounders:

SIGI SCHMID"It's like a Yankees-Red Sox. It's like a Lakers-Celtics, although that one's from coast to coast so it has a little different genre to it. It's sort of like the Giants and Dodgers a little bit in baseball. Based on proximity and everythingelse more like Yankees-Red Sox.

"You don't want to get into the hype, but obviously it's something that should be on the back of their minds now. They know it's Portland week and that should get them excited. If I have to spend a long time."

KASEY KELLER"These games are always a little bit interesting. They’re a lot of fun to be a part of when you’re successful. They’re not a whole lot of fun to be a part of when you’re not successful. So ask me again Saturday about 10 o’clock how much fun we had."

ROGER LEVESQUE"Any kind of back-and-forth just shows the passion of both cities and both fan groups in how excited they are and how excited everyone is for the game coming up on Saturday."

ADRIAN HANAUER"Obviously, very exciting from a rivaly standpoint – energy around this big game coming up against Portland. That said, we’ve got to temper it against the fact that we’ve got three games, they’re worth three points each and we want to come out of here with as many points after those three home games as possible. It’s a big week and a big few weeks here at home."

Meanwhile, the Timbers have announced that they'll debut their alternate red jerseys Saturday.