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Montero on salary, wrist, cast and autographs

We asked Montero if it feels creepy or adds pressure for teammates and fans to know what he's making ($636,000 in guaranteed compensation).

"No," he said through a translator. "They publish salaries every year, and I think people are kind of used to that. If people want to make something of it, everybody can do that. But I feel fine, I feel good. I put on my jersey and I train my hardest and I play my hardest for the team."

A little more from a group interview with Montero on Tuesday:

On his wrist and the cast protecting it: I have a doctor’s appointment (Wednesday). It’s possible I’ll have it for two more weeks. But we’ll just have to have a look at the X-ray and see what it says.

On if he's getting used to the cast: It’s the same as it always was. It’s terrible. I can’t do anything with my right hand. And I write with my right hand, so it makes it really difficult.

On if he can sign autographs: There are times when I can’t do it, but they ask me again and again and again, so I try. And the last time was for a little guy who was 5 years old.