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Sigi promises dozen roses for Portland coach

"I thought his comments are his comments. He’s a very competitive guy. He likes to stir the pot. That’s just his nature. I’ve always known that to be his nature. But from our standpoint, we’re just looking at the facts. They’re a team that is very good at set pieces, they do try and get set pieces. I don’t know why he’s trying to apologize for that. When I was at Columbus and we had Chad Marshall, we played to set pieces, and we won a lot of games by our ability to score set pieces. I never apologized for it; so I think he should be proud that his team is good at that facet of the game. And those are the facts. Anything from 50 yards on in they’ll try to put in the box, where we’ll maybe touch it and play it. It was a matter of their style was different from ours. They try to impose their style on us, we try to impose our style on them. I thought they did a better job probably, in terms of imposing their style on us.

"Yes, it rains in Seattle. It also rains in Portland. But it was a situation where the rain was a little more conducive to what they do. All I’m trying to do is talk about the facts and not try to talk about other things.

I don’t think he should be talking about our players. Either that or they should stop calling about our players. That’s one thing, because they had interest in quite a few guys at once point. But that’s what it is. I’m going to sent him a dozen roses – because they are the Rose City – I can’t promise the pedals will be on the roses, but we’ll send him a dozen roses."

With Schmid on a roll, we also asked if he's ever had an opposing coach react in that way to postgame comments.

"It obviously shows something, too, that one Tuesday the most important thing that they're still talking about is the Sounders game," Schmid said. "We're trying to focus on Kansas City and get ready for our next opponent. I'm sure they will be too. I thought one of his interesting quotes -- because, yeah, I read his quotes like he reads mine -- one of his interesting quotes was they don't practice three hours a day on free kicks; but one of his players said they practice free kicks every day. I know we don't practice free kicks every day. Maybe we need to -- who knows? But at the end of the day it's competition. At the end of the day, I am eagerly looking forward to our return game in Portland."