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Coaches react to Sounders' 1-0 win over SKC

SIGI SCHMIDGeneral comments) "It seems like every time we play these guys we get a last minute goal here at home. We'll take it. One minute, one moment like that changes everybody's mood. Today, with us trying to play a little bit of a different system, I thought at times we held the ball well, but at other times we were a little bit disjointed. We wanted to come, obviously, with some offensive players at the end to try and get the goal. I thought we put a little more pressure on them in the second half in that regard. Can we play better? Yes. Do we like the three points? Yes."

On scoring on a set play) "It's one of the things we talked about before the game. Before the game we talked about how we wanted to get goals off corners and free kicks. Those things change games. When games are tight they make a difference. Over a season's time, if you can get 6-10 goals over the course of a season, it makes a difference. You can swing a game here or there. We actually pointed out a couple guys and said, 'When was the last time you scored off a header, off a kick and got a goal.' They said a couple season ago, maybe longer. That was the guy (Parke) who scored the goal, so maybe I should pick someone else for the next game. Those things tip the scale in tight games."

On if team was flat) I don't think we're emotionally flat or anything like that. I think Omar Bravo coming back to their team helped their team. Omar did a good job not only offensively, but also trying to bottle up Ozzie in the midfield. And Carrasco and Fernandez with the slightly different roles, they didn't come to grips with it right away. I don't think emotionally we were below par. I thought we were there."

On lineup) "It's a situation where we have three very good center backs in Parke and Ianni, and Hurtado. We have three games here in a week, so we'll probably play each of them a couple games. We got a shutout tonight, so that was good. They each bring something good slightly different to the table. It's more rotation than anything else. Roger has been playing well at practice. Nate may be at a physical lull right now, trying to get fit and in shape and it's causing his touch to be off, so we decided to switch it around."

On Carrasco) "He was playing on the right side of the midfield and he was supposed to pinch in a little bit, but he went out wide all the time it seemed like and that brought Flaco in all the time. We need better balance there sometimes. Carrasco's outside and sometimes he's inside, but he's a rookie and he's still learning, but he gives you everything he has when he's steps on the field and he makes more good decisions than bad ones."

On injured players attending game) "OB (O'Brian White) was in the locker room before the game. Steve (Zakuani), because of his (late) arrival, wasn't in there before the game because by the time he got here, it was a little later and he didn't want to take away from our preparation. They had some time with O'Brian and I know they want to spend some time with Steve and talk to him. It's like having a family member who's sick. You want to see him healthy again."

On defense) "I thought they played alright. I thought Kennedy (Hurtado) was good. I thought Tyson did well with Kamara and that's a difficult matchup as well. And Ozzie at times has Bravo, so he did a good job. Our center backs did a good job of containing the two. I thought we matched up with them fairly well. In the first half I thought there were two or three that dropped into the box that we could have done better with, but in the second half, there wasn't much."

On two shots on goal) I thought we were still a little disjointed in terms of how we were playing in the diamond in midfield. We were a little cockeyed with Servando wide on the right side. As a result of that, our cohesion wasn't there. We had some good looks, but didn't put the shots on goal. Ozzie's shot was over the goal by two feet. If that's on goal, it forces a save. You want to make the goalkeeper make saves, so that's something we have to do better."

On the week ahead) "We wanted to get three points tonight and that was important for our confidence as well. We'll look at Dallas and Salt Lake tomorrow, those are our next two opponents, and we'll get after it."

Sporting KC coach PETER VERMESOn his impression from the match) "I think we played a very good match tonight. We're very organized and disciplined and didn't give anything away. It is very disappointing to walk away from here tonight without a point."

On his reaction to the goal by Seattle) "I will have to wait til I see the replay. I really haven't had a chance to see it yet. I'm not sure if [Jeff] Parke was wide open or not. It may have been someone missing their assignment but I have to go back and watch it."

On hoping for a draw tonight) "Absolutely, hundred percent. They had one chance in the second half and our guy made a great tackle. Easily should have been a draw, especially since we are playing away from home. We were organized in the way we played and disciplined in our assignments and worked very hard."

On eighth straight road game to start the season) "It is always difficult but even more so when you play games like this. To lose a game like this when you work so hard for 90-plus minutes is difficult."

On his players being fatigued from playing so many road game) "I don't necessarily think so. It would be nice to play at home every once in a while but that is not going to happen for a couple of more games. When you travel you lose a day on preparation and recovery."

(On his reaction to the crowd...) "Excellent, this is a great place to play. The crowd is always a big factor in the game. I think our team did a great job not letting it affect them in the way the game was played."

Davy Arnaud - Sporting KC Midfielder

(On his impression of the match...) "I thought we deserved something out of the game today. We defended well, we didn't give them any legitimate chances, and anything they got was on set pieces. We worked so hard for each other defensively and stuck to our game plan and we deserved to get a point out of this game. It hurts to give up a goal like that. The worked we put in we deserved something out of it."