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Parke-Wahl reacted to their unlikely goal combo

Yet, they combined in stoppage time tonight for the lone goal in Seattle's 1-0 win over Sporting Kansas City.

Here's what they had to say ... and then the reaction of some other teammates below.

Here's Jeff Parke's takeOn scoring his first MLS goal since 2004) "I scored a lot of goals during preseason matches and stuff like that, of course, and I've had my chances but tonight was finally the back of the net."

On how the play worked out for him to score) "It took a little bit because the guy's been grabbing me all night - either [Kei] Kamara or whoever the kid was at the end there. But finally I was just like, 'Ref man, take a look at this guy.' And then he started mouthing off to me and it just kind of got me fired up because he was holding me all night and finally you saw a guy not grabbing onto me and I was able to get up and get my head on something."

On the defensive effort tonight) "It is good to see their two players get taken off. They're good players and they can come at you at any time of the game so it's important for us to be solid and those guys are good players and tonight I thought the defense and the back four, back five did real well. Kasey [Keller] did well and as a team, I thought we deserved the points."

On if there was extra motivation being back in the starting lineup) "Yeah, it's nice to be back. I don't know if it's extra but it's good to get the points and the goal, obviously."

On what he felt when the ball went in) "It took a little bit. I kind of looked over like this and was watching it and it skipped and I was like, 'Come on, get in there!' Then finally - it was definitely a little bit of an out-of-body experience because I don't score that often - so once it hit the net, I [thought], 'What do I do?' Everything left the head, I just looked and saw my guys on the sideline and I took off after them."

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TYSON WAHLOn the goal) It was really just a great finish by Jeff. He got up super high, had some good hangtime and skipped it off to the far post. (I was) just really focusing on getting some ball in there that could cause some chaos. I think I put it in a good spot and Jeff had a great finish on it, so kudos to him.

On shutting out high-scoring KC) They have a lot of threatening offensive players, a lot of speed. So we were just making sure that we didn’t get countered, because they have a lot of breakout speed. I think we did a pretty good job of limiting their chances. We had a couple, but not many. I don’t think it was the prettiest game. I don’t think we had a lot of chances either. But I’ll take the three points and keep this momentum hopefully into Wednesday.

If he could think of a less-likely goal-scorer than Parke) Maybe myself. Or Kasey. KASEY KELLEROn the win) "That's why you play 90 minutes and you don't leave the stadium early. You just keep going and put the ball in the back (of the net) and that's what will happen. It was obviously a great ball from Tyson and Jeff--I'm sure you've all heard, Sigi called him out and asked when the last time he had scored--and now he's scored. It's great for Jeff, great for the team and obviously the fans. Everybody gets to leave now all excited. It's good for us. It was nice to get that late goal."

More on the game) "You got a team that's struggling a little bit, finding ways not to get results. It thought they played well. They came with a purpose and executed that. Teams that can score goals off free kicks always give themselves an opportunity to win games. I always want to be on a team that's in that plus category."

MIKE FUCITO, who scored a stoppage-time game-winning against KC last seasonOn the late game-winner) "It was great. We had talked before the game about how free kick goals are important and we're a team that is capable of capitalizing on chances like that. Parke was able to get up and get one finally and whether it's the first minute or the 90th minute, we can always take advantage of those. Parke did great on that."

On if he thought he would get a goal after having some chances) "I was close. I hit that one off the corner pretty well that got blocked and then the other one on my right foot. But they'll come, they'll come."

On if there's any thought in his head about beating Kansas City in the final minutes like last year) "I mean, a little bit but it's a game and we just wanted the three points, wanted to score that goal." MAURO ROSALES, after his first game back from a hamstring strainOn what made getting a goal today difficult) "They (Kansas City) came here and they were OK with one point and they played for draw and made it difficult for us to play without space but we didn't surrender to the last minutes."

On his hamstring) "It was OK. I felt very good during the week and I talked with the coach and I said, 'I want to play because I felt like I [could].' It was a good chance to play against this team and to prove that I'm OK. It was fine. I felt OK."