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Schmid on Montero: He needs to score

"Basically the soccer was better, but everybody is disappointed with the results. It’s sometimes bad soccer, get a result; better soccer you don’t get a result. A mistake on the goal, where we opened up. I thought we had chances and we certainly went forward. I was very pleased with the effort of Fucito – I thought he played very well. I thought Neagle game in and did well. I thought Jaqua came in in this one and had an impact. I thought Rosales had some moments. I thought Friberg had some moments as well. Guys who need to step up need to step up and score goals when we get a chance. We can’t get extra touches in the box. We have to hit things first time. Sometimes we can’t do a cut back – Friberg had one where he cuts it back, we have other ones where we try to get two, three touches and try to get the perfect shot. Perfect shots don’t happen. You’ve got to put the ball in the back of the net."

Obviously missing from that list of names was Fredy Montero. So we asked Schmid what he thought about his DP forward:

"He needs to score," Schmid said. "End of story. He needs to score. End of story. That’s what he's paid to do. He’s a good enough player. He knows that. He can playmake, he can set things up. Rosales needs to score the goal off Fredy’s pass. That was a great pass. That’s when it’s got to be back in the net. How many clean chances did they have? Not many. They scored. That’s the difference in the game. That’s what they get paid to do. It’s a difficult task, but that’s the task at hand."

It was noted that Schmid had singled out a lot of non-starters for praise, and asked if the lineup might be tweaked Saturday at Salt Lake.

"We tweaked it tonight, and we'll see," he said. "We need 11 guys out there on the field who are all going to fight and battle at the same time, and also who are going to make good decisions."

Here's what Montero had to say:

"Everybody saw that the game was progressing, we were playing well, the opportunities were being created. But everytime that a team cannot score, cannot convert, they put themselves in danger, and once the opponent has one chance they can convert, and that’s what happened."

We asked if he should be scoring more:

"What concerns me is that I need the opportunities. I cannot say that I didn’t score and then get substituted. There were no opportunities, and that gets me a little bit sad, a little bit annoyed. There will be more opportunities, and that is one of the things that needs to be improved."

We asked if the lineup changes are causing problems:

"Maybe that will be one of the reasons. Still we are all professionals, and we know the other players, we know our colleagues and what happens in the field needs to be the players’ responsibility. The truth is that this doesn’t end here, and there will be other games to play."