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Evans likely for Salt Lake, Fernandez not called

These updates today from coach Sigi Schmid:

On Evans: “[He’s] doing better. He trained today. There was a chance we could’ve put him on the bench yesterday but we felt if something happened early and he had to play extended minutes yesterday it could set him back again. He’ll definitely be, I think, within the 18, don’t know yet if he’s going to start or not.”

On Fernandez (who had been reported earlier as being called in for national team duty): “(Uruguay) originally named a list of 23, but the final list was 20 and he wasn’t on that 20.”

Asked about Fernandez's play in Wednesday's 1-0 loss to Dallas, Schmid said:

"I think for Alvaro, I think his game has definitely taken an uptick since I put him on the bench and he's come back into the team. I think he's a better passer than he showed on Saturday -- I'm sure he's disappointed in that himself. The other thing is, in this league ... once referees think that you're going down easily you don't get calls. And I think he's got to stay on his feet a little bit more and get referees going into games thinking differently about him, and then he'll get more of those calls when he is legitimately fouled. There were two fouls early in the game that definitely deserved calls, but once you have a reputation of going down easily they go into games thinking that, so we have to be stronger that way on the ball as well."